Mabiala Kenzo

Welcome to my personal website! 

My name is Mabiala Justin-Robert Kenzo. I am a Professor Kenzo is professor of Systematic Theology and current President of the Evangelical Community of the Alliance in Congo, which is the Christian and Missionary Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My present ministry includes leadership training, Church leadership, and community development. I see myself as a pastor at heart and a theologian by training. My academic interests include the interface between postmodernity/postcoloniality and theology. Presently I am working on a series of theology textbooks that I have tentatively entitled a) Thinking Theology in Africa; b) Thinking the Triune God in Africa; c) Thinking the Creator God in Africa; d) Thinking the Redeeming God in Africa; e) Thinking the Community God in Africa; and f) Thinking the God to Come in Africa. My passion is dual: first, it is to see Africa, with all its contradictions, become the craddle for a fresh re-thinking of Christian theology and then, at the same time, bring the African Church to play its role as a sign of God's presence in today's logo